1. About the BCSSP

As the Local Safeguarding Children Board for Bath and North East Somerset we will coordinate and monitor the work of agencies, especially but not exclusively those providing services to children and families, to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. In doing so the Board will:

  • Promote and support activities that protect children and young people from significant harm and the continuing risk of harm;
  • Work to raise awareness within the wider community, including statutory, voluntary and independent agencies, about how everybody can contribute to safeguarding children and promoting their welfare.

Safeguarding is everyone’s business.

Please see the Young Persons Guide to the LSCB for more information.

Ofsted Review of B&NES LSCB (July 2017)

The final report from the team of inspectors, who visited in April and May, gives the Council an overall rating of ‘Good’. The review of the multi-agency arrangements to protect children through the Local Safeguarding Children Board, carried out alongside the inspection of Council services, also received a ‘Good’ rating.

Ofsted’s review of the effectiveness of the LSCB reflects some fantastic working between local partners, including the Board’s three active lay members, and the strong work we do to ‘actively seek the views of children through the Senior In Care Council and Youth Forum’. There is an acknowledgment that we have created a ‘culture of openness, purposeful challenge and a well-driven and sustained focus on safeguarding performance’ ensuring that ‘outcomes for children in the area continue to improve’. It was also positive to see that partners confirmed that thresholds are appropriately set to meet the needs of local children who need help and protection’. 

The Board picks up three recommendations - to broaden the range of performance information we review; to add some additional areas of focus into our annual report; and to extend to a wider audience the ongoing work to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.

Ofsted Report on B&NES LSCB Inpection of B&NES Children's Services and review of B&NES LSCB (July 2017)

What does the LSCB do?

The LSCB is an independent body made up of representatives from the range of agencies that work with children and young people. There are two lay members who also sit on the board and there are links with Children and Young People’s Equalities group, so ensuring the voice of children and young people is heard.

The work of the LSCB includes:

  • Taking the lead to ensure that agencies work well together to safeguard children and young people.
  • Ensuring that all organisations comply with their duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.
  • Coordinating and delivering multi-agency safeguarding children training.
  • Promoting and publishing multi-agency child protection and safeguarding policies and procedures which are below.
  • Commissioning Serious Case Reviews and multi-agency audits so that we learn what we need to improve in terms of the work that we carry out with children, young people and families.
  • Overseeing multi-agency learning events and conferences so that good practice is shared.
  • Playing a key role in ensuring and monitoring that recommendations from inspections and reviews about safeguarding children are carried through.
  • Working alongside other committees/boards such as the Local Safeguarding Adults Board and the Health & Wellbeing Board to ensure that work to safeguard children is co-ordinated.

Please see the Young Persons Guide to the LSCB for more information.

Contact Us

Dami Howard 
LSCB/LSAB Business Support Manager
Bath & North East Somerset Council,
Lewis House,
Manvers Street,
Bath, BA1 1JG

01225 396350

Concerned about a Child?

  • If you have a concern about a child or young person, please call the Children and Families Assessment and Intervention Team on 01225 396312 or 01225 396313.
  • If outside of office hours, please call the Emergency Duty Team on 01454 615165.
  • If a child or young person is in immediate danger then please dial 999 and ask for police assistance. 

The Local Authority Designated Officer for managing allegations or safeguarding concerns against staff can be contacted on 01225 396810 Monday – Friday in office hours.