5. Report a concern about an adult

If you have ANY concerns about an adult at risk, you must report it.

If you think someone is in immediate danger, dial emergency services on 999.

If you are worried that someone is at risk of abuse, please don’t hesitate to report your concern by calling B&NES Community Services on 01225 396000. You will also need to follow your organisation's reporting procedure.

People who need care and support to live independently, may be at greater risk of harm or abuse. Please get in touch if you or someone you know either at home or at work is experiencing abuse of any kind. It is also essential that if you are worried that someone is neglecting themselves that you know who to tell.

We urge you to report your concerns.

Please use the form to make a referral   Safeguarding Referral Form

If you want to know more about our policies, B&NES Community Safety & Safeguarding Partnership (BCSSP), leaflets, posters and more please visit our Safeguarding Adults pages on this website